Best Wine Bars in Berlin

I love a good wine bar.  Here are some of my favorite wine bars in Berlin:


Mauerwinzer wine bar and shop 

Super cute winebar near Mauerpark. They specialise in German wines and have a lovely owner and staff (happy to speak english). They have cheese and meat boards and my personal favorite flammkuchen. 

Dr Maury Berlin

Always a fun time, your glass will never be empty unless you want it to be. The food is delicious, lots of different small plates to share. They are always rotating new things on to the menu. My all time favorite is the egg (featured photo). He has a lot of natural wine on the menu but still has traditional wines and stuff that isn't overly funky. Just tell them what you are looking for :) 

Weinladen Schmidt (Shop and Bar) 

This is a wineshop first then a bar, they have a few locations throughout Berlin. They have reasonable prices per glass and bottle because it is a wineshop first. 

Baden im Wein

Nice selection of German wines. They have about 90 wines on their list and plenty of outside seating. 



Planet Wein (Shop and Bar) 

Tons of wines by the glass and by the bottle. Indoor and outdoor seating. 


Ottorink weinbar

Run by two Americans who are passionate about food and wine. They have a rotating wine list, and just opened an outdoor area for summer. You can also prebook a table. 


KaDeWe (Shop and Bar)

I don't love that it is inside the department store with no windows, but they have a great wine selection. They have a lot of more expensive wines that you wouldn't normally be able to get by the glass because they use a coravin system. So if you want to try some fancier wines by the glass this place is a good option for you. 

Kurpfalz-Weinstuben (Restaurant) 

This isn't a wine bar its a restaurant. But if you love german wines like me and are looking for some elevated german food to pair together. This is your place! They have an affordable 4-5 course tasting menu with wine pairings ( around €65). It is a favorite of mine for visitors to get a taste of some good german food and wine. 

Of course if you are in Berlin you can also try out new wines and new wine bars with me at my social tastings! Hope to see you at the next sip show!


PS- if you have a favorite wine bar thats not featured here let me know and I'll give it a try if I haven't already! 

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