Good places to buy wine in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Find your wine match

If don't know what kind of wine you like this shop is here to help you find your perfect wine match. It is categorised by styles of wine so you can discover new wines that align to your tastes. If you already know the kinds of wines you like it's also a good choice to try a different wine that matches your profile. They also have different kinds of events every month. 


Lovely shop and wine bar for a great selection of German wines. About 170 different wines are carried from all 13 wine regions. If you've been to one of my wine tastings you have either visited here or had wines that I have purchased from here. 

Weinladen Schmidt

They have a few locations, I've only been to their Prenzlauer Berg location, but they have a decent selection of wines from all over the world. This is another one I listed under wine bars because you can also have a glass inside or on their terrace. 

Goldhan und Sampson

This is actually a speciality store with international sauces and spices. But they have a really nice selection of wines from smaller producers that are producing great stuff. They also have a nice cheese section and baked goods. So perfect for picking up a bottle for a night in :). 


Whether you are picking up a bottle for the park from their cooler section, or a bottle for a friends. It's a good choice, they have a nice selection of wines at reasonable prices. Right up the street is their partner wine bar which used to be a pay as you go situation but now is paid glasses but you can still get a reasonable glass of wine for €6. 



This is a small selection of wine shops I frequent in Berlin, as you can tell the majority are focused around Prenzlauer Berg. There are so many more fabulous ones, if there is one you frequent and think I should add let me know and I will add check them out and add them to the list.