Discovering the Delights of Casablanca, Chile: A Wine Lover's Guide

If you're a wine enthusiast and looking for your next adventure, Casablanca, Chile, should be on your list. Nestled between Santiago, and Valparaiso, Casablanca is a hidden gem in the world of wine, offering a unique blend of stunning landscapes, exceptional wineries, and, of course, fantastic wines. 

Getting to Casablanca

I used Santiago as my home base during my trip to Chile and, if you're like me and love a bit of luxury, the Marriott Hotel in Santiago is a stellar choice. Rooftop, gym, pool – they've got it all. Plus, a self-service washing machine for those post-wine-tasting mishaps. From Santiago, I headed to Casablanca, if you want to self-explore a car rental is the most convenient way to explore Casablanca, providing the flexibility to set your own pace and hop between wineries. They also have different tours that do daytrips to casablanca. I didn't do this because I wanted to have a flexible schedule, and I wanted to stay overnight. But this of course makes things easier to explore. 

I ended up having a rental car mishap, so opted for taking the bus to casablanca which was really easy it was around $7 and they go every hour or so. You will need to organise your pick up with your accommodation because you are dropped off in town center not by the wineries, but after that it is pretty easy to get between wineries via taxi. I just asked them to book them for me 20-30 minutes in advance. Uber is not available in Casablance its a small town, but it does work in Santiago :). 

Top Wineries to Visit

Now, let's delve into the heart of your wine-tasting adventure, and as always remember to book your tastings in advance.  

Here are five must-visit wineries in Casablanca:

  1. Casas del Bosque: This winery offers not just exquisite wines but also a visual treat. Take a tour, enjoy a tasting, and don't miss the food and wine pairings at their on-site restaurant. Honestly, I would skip the tour and just do food and wine pairings. It's an experience worth savoring (I went twice).
  2. Bodegas RE: For a more personalized and unique experience, Bodegas RE is a must-visit. Their commitment to innovation and friendly atmosphere make it a standout choice.
  3. Emiliana Organic Winery: Unfortunately, I missed this gem due to post-pandemic closures, but it's highly recommended for its organic practices and beautiful surroundings, and the animals onsite. I saw a few tours go here, so worth considering if making reservations individually isn't your style. 
  4. Attilio & Mochi: Although I couldn't fit it into my schedule, recommendations from locals and winemakers speak volumes. Plan ahead to explore this passionate winery.
  5. Kingston Family Vineyards: Owned by an American, this vineyard comes highly recommended. With stunning views, it's a perfect stop to add to your itinerary.



Where I Laid My Wine-Loving Head

My stay at Echazarreta Vineyards in a charming tiny house was perfection. Close enough to everything, but secluded amidst the vineyards, it's a peaceful retreat. They don't sell the wine they make, but the stay is worth every sip. Check it out here: Echazarreta Vineyards Airbnb.


Casablanca, you stole my heart. A smaller wine region, a cooler climate, and wines that aligned perfectly with my taste buds. It's the underdog, the unsung hero of Chilean wine regions, and I can't wait to go back for more.

For those who want a taste of more than just wine, venture to Valparaiso. The Wine Box Hotel, housed in an old shipping container, is a wine lover's dream. The rooftop views are lovely but more importantly everything – I mean everything – is wine-themed. Take a stroll through the vibrant streets with a graffiti tour and soak in the artistic charm.

Chile, you've etched a permanent spot on my wine map. Until next time, cheers to undiscovered wines and unforgettable adventures! 🍷✨ 

If you want to travel with me through your glass book a virtual or in person tasting experience. 

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