My Favorite Wines for Fall and Winter

I'm a seasonal wine drinker through and through. In the heat of summer, there's nothing like a crisp, dry white wine to sip by the water, but come fall and winter, I'm all about those reds that make you want to cozy up by the fireside, wrapped in a warm blanket.

For the Fall season, my go-to wine has to be a German Pinot Noir from Baden. It's like the perfect transitional wine – for the season. It offers us up those luscious red cherry flavors beautifully balanced with oaky, smokey characteristics. The harmonious combination of fruity and earthy notes makes it an ideal choice for fall evenings, and it truly shines as the perfect wine to accompany Thanksgiving dinner.
Now, as the temperature continues to drop and winter sets in, my wine preferences shift to the bigger and bolder reds. I can't resist a Chilean Carmenere, a pure Cabernet Franc, or a Barolo and Barbaresco wines (made with Nebiollo). For me there's just something incredibly comforting about sipping a nice glass of red wine by a crackling fire on a cold winter night. What I crave in the wintertime are those bigger tannins and keep my love for the higher acidity, and my love of red fruit flavors.
So, if you're looking for red wines that capture the essence of fall and winter, these selections have never failed me, and I hope they'll become your seasonal favorites too. Nevertheless, remember that the most crucial aspect is enjoying what you love!
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